Steel Fabrication, Specialty Welding, Plasma & Water Jet Cutting

Shop Equipment & Capabilities

Having the proper equipment is only half the job. The right people and experience is the difference.

Fabrication Shop Equipment

Having the Right Tools Makes it Easier to Do the Job Right

In today’s construction environment. The margins are thinner, timetables are shorter and designs are being pushed.

Anlin Welding boasts two large fabrication shops. Each shop is 10,000 square feet in size. The large space is a necessity in order to accommodate large structural steel projects. Space is also required for our growing list of fabricating tools and the dedicated staff to operate them.

Each shop is equipped with several overhead cranes along with two cranes in the yard.

Anlin Welding Shop Equipment

CNC Shear & Brake

We can cut and form custom sheet metal into cabinets, wall panels, benchtops, and a multitude of other items & uses.

CNC Water Jet

We can literally cut any material known to man except tempered glass to create endless products that customers bring to us

CNC Plasma, Oxy/Fuel
and Drill Table

Using hi-def plasma we can achieve laser like quality up to 2” and for up to 6” thick plate Oxy-Fuel will achieve the cut quality that is above and beyond the customer’s expectations

Peddinghaus Saw/Drill Combo

With end and face milling, countersinking, tapping, 4 sided scribing and 4 sided layout marking capabilities

6KW Fiber Laser

With fiber laser technology we can flawlessly cut mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum to meet customer requirements.

CNC Coping Machine

CNC 4 sided coping of up to 40” profiles

CNC Angle Line

Producing angles for connection, braces, and brackets with 1/64” accuracy while driving costs down due to the speed of the machine.

CNC Plasma Profiler

Processing center for angle, channel HSS, and Pipe. Used mainly for miscellaneous metals, we can process profile cuts with extreme accuracy and speed

Welding Services

MIG Welding

MIG Welding Services Regina

TIG Welding

TIG Welding Services Regina

Stick Welding

Stick Welding Services Regina


Anlin Welding offers welding services at our fabrication plants. We also offer mobile welding services.

Shop Capacity – 200 to 400 tons of structural steel per month

Shop & Yard Equipment

  • Shear and Brake – Capacity 3/8″ x 10′
  • MIG welding capabilities
  • TIG welding capabilities
  • Stick welding capabilities
  • Three – 3-ton crane
  • Four – 2-ton cranes
  • 5 truck-mounted rigs
  • 3 trailer mounted rigs
Anlin Welding Regina

Regina Welding & Steel Fabricators

Anlin Welding has years of expertise in fabricating and erecting structural steel for commercial and industrial buildings.

We also have worked with major oil companies to construct Compressor Stations and the development of access and egress systems in new and existing plants.

All fieldwork and installation are carried out by our qualified teams.

Welding & Fabrication Services

Anchor Bolts
Steel Detailing
Steel Erection
General Repairs
Stainless Welding
Aluminum Welding
Certified Rebar Welding
Shop & Portable Welding
Custom Bar Stock Rolling
Custom Shearing & Forming
Structural and Steel Fabricating
Bar Stock, Angle & Channel Rolling

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